KLM “Earn your stripes” nominated

Activation campaign up for a Dutch Interactive Award

KLM’s “Earn your Stripes” campaign was nominated in 2019 for a Dutch Interactive Award in the category Activation. Unfortunatley it didn’t win, but this case still presents a useful example how different agencies can work together to build a great reactivation campaign.

This campaign is a close collaboration between RapidSugar, Icemedia (now GUC Agency) and CloseContact.

KLM campagne "Earn your Stripes" genomineerd voor Dutch Interactive Award

Purpose of the campaign

The aim of this campaign is to re-activate subscribers who have not opened a single commercial email from KLM in 6 months or longer, and re-establish their engagement with the brand. To achieve this, Rapidsugar devised a fun, interactive, multichannel campaign to encourage KLM customers to update their profile. They are sharing their favourite destinations, travel preferences and interests in the form of a three-day flight training. After completing the training, they have the chance to win two free flight tickets every month for a year and will only get newsletters with relevant, personalized content.

Technique and implementation

CloseContact is responsible for building all emails and landing pages for this campaign, including the interactive elements and animations. We also handle the data (segmentation and selections) and the automated sends. As an extra incentive on the second day of the training, participants can order a free customized luggage label via Icemedia. The technique behind the personal, single use URL used in this process was also inplemented by CloseContact.



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