B2B e-commerce platform with CRM  

OrderCentral is a B2B e-commerce solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, business service providers, partner organizations and dealerships, built on Salesforce technology. It combines customer relationship management and e-commerce by integrating your CRM with your e-commerce platform. This provides your marketing, sales and service teams with real-time insight into customer interactions, orders and preferences. It gives you a complete 360º overview of your customers anytime, anywhere.

With OrderCentral, you can manage multiple webshops and customer portals from the same platform, together with your online catalogue. You can customise the range of your webshop to customer or group level and manage price agreements, discounts and conditions.

Your customers have access to real-time stock and product information. Filters, search options and AI-powered recommendations will ensure they can easily find what they are looking for. Self service portals and knowledge banks provide additional support.

You can create smart, automated, data-based campaigns with the integrated tools for email marketing. You can also manage your social media marketing right from OrderCentral. Analyse all your activities with dashboards, metrics and KPIs and really get to know your customer.

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