15 years of CloseContact

15 years of CloseContact 15 jaar CloseContact

From database marketing to Digital 360 and beyond

2022 marks our 15th anniversary. During those 15 years, datadriven, digital marketing has undergone a huge transformation, and we have kept up with developments. We started in 2007 with data analysis, database marketing and building emails for the international campaigns of our clients. We have now grown into a business that offers 4 core services: Strategy, Data Science, Marketing Automation and Digital 360 platforms.

CloseContact became a Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner in 2015. Since then, we have grown into one of the leading Salesforce Consulting Partners. Thanks to the effort and time we spend on in-house education, we have certified experts for all components of the Marketing Cloud.

We also hold a number of certifications for other Salesforce Clouds and have the required knowledge and expertise for cross-cloud solutions. For these, we focus on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) in combination with Commerce, Sales and/or Service Cloud or external applications, databases and eCommerce platforms.

Broad expertise

CloseContact is familiar with working in many different industries like retail, manufacturing, financial and professional services, life sciences amd more. Take a look at our clients overview page, where you can see who we work for and read selected cases from our portfolio. Our listing on the Salesforce App Exchange gives more information about our expertise and reviews from our clients.

With our flexible teams of certified experts, we can deliver custom built implementations and optimizations of the complete Salesforce suite of products. If needed, we can also provide you with custom databases, middleware, business intelligence and managed services.

As the Salesforce Platform develops and expands, we follow right along. Read more about the three latest Salesforce products we are accredited and certified for below.

Salesforce Data Cloud

Now that the use of Third Party Data from cookies and trackers is getting increasingly restricted, if not prohibited, a Customer Data Platform will be an essential part of your business strategy. Salesforce Data Cloud is the place where you gather all your customer data from multiple channels and databases to create a unified customer ID.

Most customer journeys contain more than three channels (think e-mail, website and mobile app). The CDP contains all your own (first party) data in one central place. The insights from this data are available in real time. With these insights, you can send your customers relevant and personal messages with each interaction. You can continue a dialogue that starts with an email campaign on your website or even offline, in a store. Watch a video about Salesforce Data Cloud here.

Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio)

Salesforce’s tool for Real Time Interaction Management (RTIM). Marketing Cloud Personalization collects data from interactions with your website, via email, offline, or in a mobile app. With this information, you can send a message about the progress of a service request to a customer on their next visit to your website. Or make a personal offer in an app to a customer who visits your store. Watch a short demo here.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

Marketing Cloud Intelligence is an end-to-end intelligence platform, for and by marketers. Ita uses AI and machine learning to gather data from all your channels and process it automatically into insights in your KPIs and ROI. With Marketing Cloud Intelligence you can build dashboards to simply visualise and share your data outside Marketing Cloud. Watch the video here.

Looking for more information?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below. Our experts can help you with more information or organise a custom-made demonstration for your business or organization.


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