Marketing Cloud Personalization

Discover the potential of personalized experiences

As a marketer, you understand the importance of personalizing the customer experience. Consumer research shows time and again that personalized experiences  lead to an increase in sales and customer engagement.

Additionally, companies that use personalization to deliver relevant experiences see significant increases in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. But how can you achieve this at an individual scale ad in realtime? This is what Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization (MCP) can do.

What is Marketing Cloud Personalization?

Formerly known as Salesforce Interaction Studio, Marketing Cloud Personalization is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized experiences to customers in real-time.

It is integrated in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling you to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels, including websites, email, mobile apps and more, in real time, for individual customers.

Why choose Marketing Cloud Personalization?

Marketing Cloud Personalization is the ideal tool for any company that wants to deliver personalized experiences to their customers. It is especially useful for companies in the retail, e-commerce, and travel industries. Here are some use cases:

Personalized Website Experiences: Has someone been looking at a specific product for an X amount of times in the last 2 weeks without buying anything? Let’s show them that product on the homepage when they next visit! Notice someone is looking at your job offers page frequently? Try to engage them with a personalized banner on your site.

Product Recommendations: The more customers engage with specific products, the more affinity they create towards those products or categories. MCP uses this information to make recommendations more specific every time they visit your webshop.

Personalized Email Campaigns: Deliver personalized email campaigns, tailored to the individual’s interests and needs. Create custom segments based on customers’ actions, behaviour and interests, and send them on a tailor made journey.

What can you achieve with Marketing Cloud Personalization?

  • Better understanding of the customer, allowing you to deliver experiences tailored to the individual’s needs, preferences, and buying behaviour
  • Increased customer engagement, which results in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty and repeat business, which leads to higher return on investment for your marketing

Implementing Marketing Cloud Personalization

As you can see, MCP is a powerful tool. That is why you need to calibrate it to the needs and expectations of your organization. Implementing this platform requires a thorough understanding of the technology and the marketing landscape.

Laying the right foundation for the implementation of your Marketing Cloud Personalization is crucial. This involves structuring your product catalog, developing the correct scripting to scrape data from your website and creating the best personalized experiences.

That’s why it’s essential to work with a partner who has experience with this platform. CloseContact has experience and is Salesforce certified for MCP. You can find out more here about our unique approach and expertise.

During the discovery phase, we will help you assess your needs and determine the best approach for your business, we guide you through the installation process and can provide continued support with scripting, optimization and training.

Find out how to unlock the power of personalized customer experiences for your business.


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