CloseContact set up two business units for Renewi in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We build templates and custom content blocks for journeys and campaigns. We also offer continuous technical support for new journeys and optimization.

Renewi is a leading international waste-to-product company with 6500 employees in 165 European locations. It contributes to a circular society, where waste no longer exists. Renewi recycles all sorts of waste into usable materials, using innovation and the latest technologies. It turns organic waste into fuel and refrigerators into Playmobil, for example, resulting in less waste, more intelligent use of recources and fewer CO2 emissions.

Renewi already had a Salesforce Marketing Cloud licence, but was looking for a partner to optimise its setup for two Business Units so marketers have easy access to all assets and knowledge to work  in it independently. They were also looking for a technical partner to provide continuous support for campaigns and processes, and to help with optimizing and expanding their automated service and marketing activities.

CloseContact implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud for two Renewi Business Units, the Netherlands and Belgium (bilingual Dutch and French). We built email templates and journeys. Lately, we have upgraded existing content blocks to custom content blocks. We create email notifications for the MyRenewi portal and offer continued technical support with creating and optimising journeys.

client: Renewi