How to choose your Marketing Cloud tools

Engagement vs Account Engagement

Are you just starting out with marketing automation, or upgrading from a legacy system? In that case, you are probably wondering which tool or platform will work best for you. Within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Engagement or Marketing Cloud Account Engagement are your two available options. There is only one word between them, but there are important differences you should consider before deciding which one to go with. That’s why we would like to explain these tools a bit further.

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Consists of a comprehensive suite of tools to meet all your marketing automation needs. It comes with built-in AI, robust data integrations as well as analytics and reporting. You will have everything you need to deliver a personalized experience to all your customers, wherever they are in the customer journey.

The drag-and-drop interfaces of Content Builder, Email Studio and Mobile Studio make it easy to create engaging and shareable content for emails, landing pages and mobile notifications. With Journey Builder, you can set up automated journeys to guide your customers as they move from orientation to conversion and beyond. Deliver a connected experience with consistent, relevant, and timely communications with Marketing Cloud Personalization. Identify, and reach out to, your audiences with Marketing Cloud Advertising.

If you have large volumes of data from multiple sources, and want to leverage it for a unified profile of your customer, Marketing Cloud Engagement is the solution for you. With this suite of tools, you can personalize the customer journey at every stage, on multiple channels.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

(Formerly known as Pardot) A platform that connects your Marketing to your Sales with a set of tools that’s specifically designed to fill your sales funnel. It needs to be integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud or another CRM and is considered to be best suited for B2B scenarios. The platform has as user-friendly interface, where you can build appealing forms and landing pages, email campaigns and journeys. Find and engage prospects and leads and efficiently move them through the sales funnel. Like all Salesforce products, it comes with built-in AI to help you determine which leads are ready to close.

With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s scoring and grading for leads and prospects, your sales department can be confident they will only receive qualified leads.

If you work with Leads and Opportunities, and you need your Sales and Marketing to work together on nurturing those leads and accelerating your sales funnel, you should be considering Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Key differences

Marketing Cloud Engagement Marketing Cloud
Account Engagement
Sophisticated, multi-tool platform Intuitive, User friendly interface
Some training is advised Relatively easy to master
email, landing pages, SMS, push notifications, social and advertising
Focus on email campaigns
also uses forms & landing pages. Grading and scoring for leads and prospects
Good for: large businesses with lots of accumulated customer data. Flexible: adapts to any kind of sales cycle Good for: medium to large businesses with relatively small databases. Best suited for longer sales cycles
Communications & Media
Travel & Hospitality
Retail & Cg
Public Sector
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Financial Services
High Tech
Professional Services
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Financial Services
Can exist without a CRM
A group of integrated tools that work in a single platform
Needs a CRM
Integrates natively with Salesforce
Integration with a different CRM is possible

As you can see, both solutions have their unique advantages. They can also be used in tandem, forming the ultimate digital marketers’ platform in selected cases. For example: if your company has both B2B and B2C clients, it could use a combination of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Marketing Cloud Engagement.

In Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, you can create account based B2B campaigns with lead scoring, while in Marketing Cloud Engagement you can build mass campaigns such as an Abandoned Cart campaign for your B2C customers.

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