Pardot is a Salesforce application to automate B2B marketing and lead scoring. Pardot enables marketing and Sales departments to create, execute and analyse campaigns with ease. Pardot lets you discover where your prospects and leads are and what interests them. With this knowledge, you can develop journeys and campaigns to bring them the right message at the right moment on the right channel. Automated lead scoring and grading ensures your sales department only gets assigned the most valuable and hottest leads to close the deal. Pardot Reports analyse all your marketing actions and let you determine your ROI.
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Campaign tools

Pardot comes with all the tools to create forms, landing pages, emails and social messages and use these to discover leads, nurture them and get them ready for your sales department.


Accelerate and optimize the road from prospect to lead to client. Pardot automates journeys, scores leads automatically and makes it easy to segment and personalize your campaigns with dynamic content.

Built in AI

Einstein AI helps you with all these tasks. It combines data from many sources to advise on next best actions and analyses your campaigns to discover what gets results.
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