Blokker and CloseContact are working together to achieve the ideal combination of a digital customer life cycle with marketing automation activities and in-shop availability.

Blokker operates more than 430 shops in the Netherlands, employing over 5000 people, as well as an online store. It offers a wide selection of household goods. Physical stores and web store combined receive around 140 million visitors each year. Blokker is focusing on integrating bricks and clicks, to offer a high availability of products, tailored to customer demand. 

Assisting Blokker with the creation, set-up and management of their 1-to-1 communication, based on customer behaviour on and We have developed and optimised all automated marketing processes for multiple customer journeys, using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (Einstein recommendations).

Data migration from an ESP environment to Salesforce Marketing Cloud; creation of email templates; campaign management; building Journeys for recommendations, abandoned shopping cart, retargeting and low on stock; baby and pregnancy gift box (with Sanoma); setting up a multi-cloud ecosystem for the loyalty program and app blokker&jij working as Cloudpartners with Clockwork and Boxplosive.


online: www.BLOKKER.NL