CloseContact and VANEIGENS (working as Cloudpartners) have set-up a Salesforce architecture that integrates Sales and Marketing Clouds and enables Naturalis to add relevance to every customer interaction

A fascination with the beauty and diversity of nature is the foundation of Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Biodiversity lies at the heart of our existence and is of essential importance for our future. Naturalis uses its collections, knowledge and data to teach young and old about the importance of biodiversity. They promote the love of nature both in the Naturalis museum in Leiden and at events all over the country.

Naturalis wants to get to know their audience personally. They want to add relevance to communication, and establish meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their visitors. To achieve this goal, they needed a Salesforce architecture where customer data and customer communication can be collected and managed (corporate website, ticketing and reservations for school and corporate visits).

Data migration and connecting Sales and Marketing Cloud (working as Cloudpartners with VANEIGENS); enabling both one-off and periodical donations; creating journeys for donors, schools, businesses and museum visitors; setting up a Salesforce environment where marketers can work autonomously on content, data and Cloudpages.

CLIENT: Naturalis