CloseContact set up Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Peaks and connected it to Service Cloud and an external database. We also created marketing assets, like templates and content blocks, and trained marketers in the use of Marketing Cloud.

With the Peaks app, you can invest the small change from your everyday transactions in the stock market. Peaks aims to make investing as simple and transparent as possible and gives its users a clear insight into the results and costs of their investments. In order to always remain in control of your investments, you can choose from 4 risk profiles, from mild to hot.

The client wanted to Salesforce Marketing and Service Cloud through Marketing Cloud Connect and automation of the updating process of their database. They also needed various Customer Journeys set up and wanted to enable their marketers to work on campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud independently.

We configured and implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including data integration with Service Cloud and an external database. We set up Cloudpages to automatically update the database via API. We created templates and content blocks and trained Peaks’ marketers to create journeys and campaigns in Marketing Cloud.