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CloseContact and Techgrounds

Easy-access educators with a unique approach

The IT industry is having trouble finding the right people to fill jobs. At the same time, women in particular and people from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups in general are underrepresented in the sector. Techgrounds is a training institute that wants to make a job in IT accessible to everybody. Techgrounds searches for IT talent in places others don’t. Using their unique philosophy and method, they match employers with jobseekers. They offer accessible training courses, with a guaranteed job if a student successfully completes the program. Courses are financed by Techgrounds’ partners and sponsors, so basically free for students.

From discovery to job

Techgrounds distinguishes a number of IT domains, such as digital marketing, software development, cyber security, data intelligence, DevOps and cloud technology. They help you discover which jobs are available in each domain and if they are of interest to you. If you are an IT newbie, the Techgrounds Guide will help you find out what suits you. After that, you can follow the Pathways program to arrive at the course and job that is the best fit.

CloseContact and Techgrounds

Working with Techgrounds is worthwhile for CloseContact because of the Salesforce CRM Specialist course they offer. Once you have completed this basic course, you can advance to become a Salesforce Consultant or Developer. We have already welcomed colleagues through Techgrounds. While working at CloseContact and gaining practical experience, they are also doing additional training and getting Salesforce certified. ClosecContact values education and offers its team ample opportunity to gain more knowledge through study and certification.

Watch our collegues who came from Techgrounds help spread the word in this video!


Thinking about switching careers? Go to the Techgrounds website to find out if one of their courses fits you.

Already familiar with IT and experienced or interested in the Salesforce Platform? Visit our career opportunities page for more information and to apply for a job.


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