The Future of B2B marketing

Key focus areas for 2023 and beyond

The B2B marketing landscape is constantly changing. We have identified these four key areas for B2B marketers to focus on in 2023 to drive growth and ROI.


The shift towards digital commerce, digital channels, and digital content is the biggest development in B2B marketing in recent history. Companies that invest in these areas will be better equipped to reach and engage their customers, ultimately driving more conversions and revenue. To drive ROI from digital transformation, companies should:

• Invest in digital commerce and e-commerce platforms
• Utilize digital channels like social media, email, and video to reach customers
• Continuously measure and analyze the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns


In B2B marketing, customer experience (CX) is more important than ever. Companies that prioritize CX and create personalized experiences for their customers are likely to see a significantly better ROI. To achieve this, B2B marketers should do the following:

• Use data to gain a better understanding of their customers
• Leverage technology to drive customer engagement and conversions
• Continuously measure and analyze customer behavior to identify areas for improvement


Following on from point 2, personalization is key in B2B marketing, with companies looking to create targeted, personalized experiences for their customers. By using customer data and technology, companies can increase customer engagement and drive more conversions. To drive ROI from personalization, companies should:

• use the understanding of their customers they have gained to get a unified, 360 view
• Provide customers with targeted, personalized experiences
• Keep measuring, analyzing and optimizing their campaigns


Technology is playing a significant role in all this, with companies relying on Salesforce solutions such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), and B2B Commerce solutions with native Salesforce integration like OrderCentral. These tools can assist businesses in streamlining their sales and commerce processes, improving customer engagement, and remaining competitive in the B2B marketplace. By investing in technology, B2B marketers gain the following benefits:

• Increased productivity through automation of tasks
• Improved customer engagement and conversion rates through targeted marketing campaigns
• Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized experiences


In 2023 and beyond, B2B marketing must focus on digital transformation, customer experience, customer engagement, personalization and technology. Companies that invest in these areas and prioritize ROI will be well-positioned to drive growth and profitability in the B2B marketplace. Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and B2B Commerce platforms like OrderCentral are important tools that can help businesses drive ROI by improving customer engagement, streamlining processes, and driving conversions.

CloseContact can help you set up and automate your B2B marketing, always using the latest technology. Our experts are certified for Marketing Cloud Account Intelligence and Sales Cloud. We are a strategic Partner for OrderCentral, the B2B e-commerce platform with native Salesforce integration.


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